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Timber framing services in Mid Wales - Manor Joinery and Construction Ltd


We have a reputation in the construction of traditional oak timber framework in the manufacture of bespoke garden rooms, summerhouses and carports.
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The beauty of an oak frame is in the detail. Roof beams and rafters show the strength and character of the frame (main image - right).

Adding mouldings and other features personalise the frame (mouse-over image - right).

Oak blends beautifully with sandstone in this garden room (main image - left). Oak doors and windows are fitted within the oak frame. A very light stain has been used to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

Although most of our work is in oak, treated softwood can also be used as in this summerhouse (mouse-over image - left). The timber is well protected with the wide verandah and the front and side doors fold back to give a very open structure                         

Timber frames and trusses can be supplied and fitted or Manor Joinery can undertake the whole project from the 'ground up'.

We can work from an existing plan or use your ideas to create a unique design

Large oak beams and posts have been used to enhance this garage (main image - left)  with office accommodation above.

Timber frames and trusses are assembled with traditional mortice and tenon joints, draw-bored and then pegged for durability and strength (mouse-over image - left)

From the outside, a sunroom extension very quickly blends into the rest of the house and the inside becomes the main focus.

A sunroom becomes an extension into the garden from which to admire the view (mouse-over image - right).


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